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Shifting Perspectives: Recent essays that reflect changing worldviews—personal and collective.

Science and Consciousness: Essays on the problem science has with consciousness and some possible solutions.
Earth and Environment:
Passing Thoughts: A collection of short pieces and musings, which appeared in a small book of the same name (no longer available).
The Weaver: A series of short essays on consciousness from an early (1995) webzine, The Weaver.
Letting Go:
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The Global Brain Awakens
The Global Brain Video
Waking Up In Time
(Originally published as The White Hole in Time) Complete Chapters
The White Hole in Time Video
From Science to God Complete Chapters
From Science to God, DVD
Triple Scandinavian DVD (Featuring The Global Brain, The White Hole in Time, and From Science to God)

The Consciousness Revolution
The Upanishads
The Brain Book
Leap! The Movie

Reality—The Grand Illusion
This was early on-line draft of From Science to God, which has some of key themes of the book.