Workshop Outline

The Art of Letting Go
How To Let It Happen

Peter Russell

If we let go a little, we have a little peace.
If we let go a lot, we have a lot of peace,
If we let go completely, we have complete peace.
—Ajahn Chah

"Just let go!" people advise. "I wish I knew how to let go," others complain, exasperated. Letting go never seems easy. That is because we usually approach letting go as something to do. We may know it is the opposite—an undoing—but that does not make it any easier.

We often to look outside for help, but our perfect teacher is our higher self, which already knows precisely what we need to let go of, and how to let it happen. Just below the threshold of consciousness, the quiet voice of our own inner knowing beckons to us, showing us the easiest, most direct way to return to our true nature, and find the peace and joy that we yearn for.

For thousands of years, the great sages, mystics and yogis have realized that to better access our inner guidance, the mind needs to become still. They have taught meditation as a way to quiet our thoughts and awaken to our true nature. After many years of research into the nature of consciousness Peter Russell, physicist, psychologist, and philosopher, has developed new approaches to meditation that deepen and clarify the practice. He has found that by opening to the wisdom of our true self, the guru within, we can step more rapidly through inner resistance and release the mind more easily from accumulated attachments.

Sharing his latest discoveries on the nature of consciousness, and integrating ideas from Eastern and Western understandings of the mind, Peter will help you:

  • Learn how to let go
  • Relax the mind
  • Experience the present moment
  • Distinguish the inner voice from that of the ego
  • Access the wisdom of your higher self

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