New Age Religion

Is the New Age a religion? Like the more classical religions there would seem to be a number of beliefs associated with 'new age thinking' -- reincarnation, homeopathy, astrology, tarot, palmistry, crystals, angelic beings, chakras, dowsing, ley lines, radionics, precognition, channeling, reflexology, spiritual healing, Atlantis, levitation, rebirthing. The list could go on and on.

This is the creed of the New Age. You do not have to believe in all of them; but you should, if you are to be an accepted member of this growing band, not profess disbelief in too many of them.

Holding on to a belief is, however, the antithesis of spiritual development. Through our beliefs we fix onto a particular perspective of reality. We filter out those facets of reality that disagree with our views of how things are, and in doing so we miss the whole. Yet has not spiritual growth always been about an awareness of the whole -- an expansion of consciousness?

Inner awakening involves stepping back from beliefs and assumptions. It is about seeing reality as it is; not through the lens of preconceived ideas. Yet too often our need for security leads us to turn our paths of liberation into yet another belief. We turn our spiritual discoveries into doctrines and dogmas. We create another church.

Time and again spiritual teachers have sought to help us break free from our prejudices and assumptions -- break free our belief that it is through material salvation that we will find the inner peace we seek -- break free from the boundaries of our ego.

This is the 'new age' that we truly aspire to. Not a new age founded upon some new set of beliefs -- a new set of doctrines and dogmas. But an age in which our minds are free from prejudice, and our hearts are free from judgement.

Such an age would indeed be new.

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