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God as a State of Consciousness

It is a state of peace, in which I can be totally at ease, in which my body, mind, heart and soul relax.

It is a state in which I know no fear.

It is a state of forgiveness.

It is a state from which love flows freely.

It is a state of inner clarity, in which I perceive the truth.

It is a state in which I am able to tell the truth without fear of judgement or rejection.

It is a state in which my ego-mind is quiet.

It is that state in which I know the essence of my consciousness to be the same as the essence of all conscious beings.

It is my prefered state of consciousness.

How to be in this state of consciousness?

That is the eternal question.

I wish I could give you a list of a thousand URLs, each guaranteed to show the way. But I can't.

There are, however some paths that time has shown to be worth exploring.

('Though, in the end, all paths turn out to be the same.)