REALITY: The Grand Illusion

I posted these are pages during the writing my book From Science to God as an opportunity for people to give feedback. I leave it on the site for those who would like to explore an early (and not nearly as good as the final) version of the book.

Section 1: Science and Consciousness explores the space-time-matter-energy metaparadigm that underlies the current scientific worldview, and how it is at a total loss to account for the most undeniable fact of our existence - namely, consciousness - suggesting a new metaparadigm is called for.

Section 2: Consciousness and Reality lays the basic psychological and philosophical groundwork,distinguishing the reality we experiencefrom the reality "out there", which is never directly known, coming to the conclusion that it is, after all, "all in the mind".

The remainder of sections from the earlier version look at how this view relates to modern physics.

Mathematics and Reality
The Reality of Light
Wave-Particle Duality
The Material World
The Fabric of Reality
The Hard Question
Locating Consciousness

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