Passing Thoughts

In 1986, I put together a collection of essays and aphorisms I had written and presented it to my publisher. Her response was "collections aren't selling these days, go away and write a proper book".

I, however, had just discovered the MacPlus and Pagemaker (2.0), and realized I didn't need a publisher to tell me what I might or might not write. So I put together a collection of my favorites, and one night laid them out in a small booklet. A printer friend ran off 1,000 copies for me, and over the next few years I gave them away to friends, and to others I met 'on the road'.

Here is a selection from the original book, plus various others that have passed through me. Others will be added as time goes on.

The following are a selection of articles I wrote in 1997 for the "New Consciousness" column of The Weaver -- an early web magazine devoted to spirituality and healing.


Collection of short essays, verses and aphorisms by Peter Russell
on Awakening, Love, Peace of Mind, How to be a Wizard

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