Three-Minute Meditation

For those who don't have time to go on a 10-day retreat, here's my 3-minute version.

It is a very short guided-meditation that will help you relax into the present moment. It contains elements common to many meditation practices — think of it as a basic generic meditation.

Although the instructions themselves only last three minutes, you may continue with the meditation for longer if you like. (Best to turn off other applications that might interupt you.)

Anytime you feel you've become too busy or a bit tense, and need to stop and slow down for a few minutes, come here.

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How to Meditate Without Even Trying - OnLine Course

While trying harder may help with many day-to-day tasks, with meditation trying harder makes the mind more tense, which defeats the very purpose of meditation. Once you cease making an effort, the mind will settle down naturally into a state of quiet.

The course takes you from basic practices of being present to some of the advanced techniques that Peter Russell has been teaching in recent years. They are simple to apply, but profoundly effective.

Free Introduction to Lesson One — Being Present >>

The Full Course is available on a "Pay What You Wish" basis.

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