The Art of Letting Go

Double CD of Workshop
Also available as MP3 Download

Workshop recorded at International Conference on Science and Consciousness Sante Fe, NM, April 2006

Excerpt from Disk 1:

Excerpt from Disk 2:
First Meditation

Disk One
Accessing Inner Wisdom

"Just let go" we are often told, yet letting go never seems easy. This is often because we treat it as something we need to do; but letting go is an "undoing", a releasing of the "holding on."

The first CD explores: The nature of attachment and non-attachment. Inner freedom as the freedom to choose how we see the world. The nature of the real Self, essential being. The natural wisdom of the Self, and how to use it for guidance. Peter takes listeners through an exercise designed to help them let go of a fixed way of seeing a situation, allowing new perspectives to reveal themselves. He shows how, by letting go of resistance, we can find greater ease and compassion. (40 mins)

Disk Two
Meditating with Ease

1. Opening to the Present

Instruction in a basic meditation practice that allows us to become fully aware of the present moment.. The emphasis is on complete effortlessness. It is followed by a discussion dealing with physical discomforts, letting go of anger, and other issues. (25 mins)

2. Deepening the Ease.

This meditation is a new technique that Peter Russell has recently developed that our inner knowing as a guide to deepen meditation and open to an ever-greater ease in being present. If, as people often claim, the real guru is inside you, then this is a way of allowing our inner guru to fine-tune our meditation practice.The discussion which follows explores the question of "Who am I?" and other topics. (31 mins)

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