The Global Brain

Peter Russell


Comments From Readers

"One of those rare books that send a tingle down the spine."
New Internationalist, U.K.
"The most exciting and significant book I have ever read."
Bernard Benson (author, The Peace Book)
"Peter Russell has laid forth the evolutionary blueprint for the future. The Global Brain comes just in the nick of time."
Barbara Marx Hubbard (author, The Revelation)
"It ranks with the best of Fritjof Capra and Lyall Watson as part of a trend in communicating ideas about mankind’s inner self and our relation to the physical world; it is very well written, and it deserves to be a best seller."
John Gribbin, New Scientist
"I was more impressed with your book than I have been with any that I have read recently. It establishes a rational, scientific basis for the more intuitive, spiritual channelings."
Ken Carey, (author, The Starseed Transmissions)
"The Global Brain certainly has helped advance our thinking about the earth being alive."
Jim Swan, Project director, U.S.. National Audubon Society
"Through this evolutionary odyssey I experience the thrill of mind meeting Mind."
Ram Dass, U.SA
"A clear and exciting survey of some of the most important ideas in the world at the moment."
Colin Wilson, U.K.
"The book stimulates and illuminates–towards a journey. The outstanding feature is the book's dynamic, like a dance in many dimensions that is both sacred and secular. It links themes, insights, facts and visions of the future into new patterns."
George Benson, U.K.
"Peter Russell’s suggestion of an evolutionary leap into greater spiritual awareness is the only possible route forward for mankind."
Prof. John Taylor, Kings College, London
"I picked up this book expecting to scoff all the way to the last page and ended up with a tremendous sense of optimism for the human race. The book as a whole has had a positive effect on my view of the future of mankind. I hope it does the same for all other readers."
Catholic Herald, U.K.
"This clear and eminently readable book represents a major leap in Western thinking. It provides a unique bridge between the intuitive-visionary and the rational-scientific approaches to understanding our future."
Tarzie Vittachi, Dep Dir UNICEF
"To a world badly in need if new visions and realistic optimism, Peter Russell offers a bold hypothesis . . . . His thesis is bound to be the subject of much discussion in the trying years ahead."
Willis Harman, Institute of Noetic Sciences
"In my view, it's one of the most important books so far this century."
Peter Lemesurier (author, Beyond All Belief)
"Your discussion of what have been difficult subjects for me is so economical and clear that I feel as though a burden has been lifted."
Carl Flygt, U.S.A.
"At about one o'clock I got up, closed the window, propped myself up in bed and opened The Global Brain. At 5 o'clock I closed the book, having made a remarkable journey in your company. The book is truly a colossal accomplishment."
Frances Horn, U.S.A.
"I am thrilled at the attempt to think on this holistic scale. Peter Russell brings together scientific knowledge and the holistic vision of the spiritual nature of the Universe and Man."
Sir George Trevelyan, U.K.
"The best account we have seen on ‘inner evolution’ and the place of the ‘consciousness revolution’ in the larger evolutionary process."
Turning Point Newsletter, U.K.
"From your writing I sense a genuine respect for the human proposition as well as the mark of actual personal development done and not theoretical intellectualism."
A.M. Corper, Holland
"Peter Russell’s thoughtful analyses will help to bring about an urgently needed transformation of attitudes."
Prof. Brian Jospehson, Cambridge, U.K.
"This mind enriching book is a must for those concerned with the fate of our planet. An immensely important contribution."
The New Humanity, U.K.
"It is unusual to find so profound a book so lucidly written; its subject is ‘in the air’ and Peter Russell has magnificently crystalized and developed it. He presents us with a startling, optimistic, and literally revolutionary view of our future. I believe he will open new doors to many people’s perceptions. I read the book almost at a sitting, in great excitement."
Brian Aldiss, U.K.
"Through fifty years in the Christian ministry, and the reading of endless books, I have not read anything so comprehensive, and so lucidly written on the basic origins and meaning of our earthly existence. It is the sort of book that if I had the money I would pay for copies to be generally distributed . ."
Rev Charles W. Harrington, U.K.
"I think this is the most important book since the Bible. I want to order a hundred and send them to my friends, and suggest that they do the same."
Anne Seggerman, U.S.A.
"So far, I am afraid, such ideas are mostly hidden in voluminous and difficult to read books for insiders. Your book is really a rare exception."
Gerhard Breidenstein, West Germany
"A timely reminder that, for the first time in evolution, there is a species which has control not only of its own destiny but that of every other living thing on this planet."
Lyall Watson (author, Supernature)
"You will be glad–or amazed–to know that I bought 12 copies of The Global Brain. . .. It is the only book for years and years that I have gone straight back to page one to read all over again, the very moment I finished the last page."
Sarah Woodhouse, Lancing College, U.K.
"A remarkable new hypothesis."
Brain/Mind Bulletin, U.S.A.
"I just can't describe the feeling I have, when reading your book. Thank you for this beautiful personal experience. You've done humankind a great service. What do you do for an encore after something like this?"
Jeff Strong, U.S.A.
"I stole your book from (a mutual friend) and loved it. I'd ordered 4 for my children. It is now to become 44 as we have to substitute them for the Gideons Bible in some houses we are building."
Charles Nuttall, Bahamas
"Very inspiring. Already I have five more copies that I intend to give to some close friends at Christmas and will ask them, if they enjoyed it as much as I did, to do the same. It could become the first ever literary chain letter!"
Brian Irons, U.K
"You can estimate my feelings about the book from the fact that I propose to purchase at least a half dozen copies to give to friends as Christmas presents."
Michael Rubenstein, U.K
"I read your marvellous book The Global Brain some years ago and have since recommended it to many others. I hope that it has been the success I feel it ought to be. Needs to be, even, if we are to move on to a saner world."
Mrs. Salamah Pope, Indonesia
"It is the spirit I like most in your books! The optimism! That we really need today. Then the vision! That we also need badly! Then the extensive research you have made so the questions get illuminated from all possible angles! Rarely I can say so much positive about a book."
Tomas Almberg, Denmark

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