Responses to Terrorist Attacks

Twin Towers
I put up this section of the site in the immediate aftermath of of 9/11. Several years on, many of the views expressed in these emails have turned out to be quite prophetic.

Like many of you, I received numerous emails after the terrorist attacks on New York's World Trade Center. Most have advocated one or other perspective or course of action. Lest they be lost in the mists of time, I have included here some of the views and insights that resonated with me, or which I felt were important. They each in their own way promote a shift in our frame of perception, and this lies at the heart of a change in consciousness.

Some of my thinking immediately prior to the attack is in Manifesto for the Future - Part One.

On 9/11,1906, Mahatma Gandhi launched his campaign of nonviolent struggle in Johannesburg, with the words:

"An eye for an eye will only make the world blind"

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