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Waking Up in Time

An Afternoon with Peter Russell Ojai, CA., 2pm. Talk will also be streamed live on Zoom

New podcast with Mystic Mag

Exploring the Infinite Mind: Peter Russell on the Convergence of Science, Spirituality, and Consciousness.

Who Am I? The Self and Variations of Ego

Who Am I? A question central to many spiritual teachings and psychologies. And there are many ways of answering it.

PeterBot - Like ChatGPT but based on Peter Russell's work

Ask the ChatBot questions about Peter Russell's writings, talks, and books.

AI on Why Humankind is a Short-Lived Species

Video created entirely by AI - the script, the images, the voices, and the video. I was blown away by what it came up with!

Interviewing my AI clone

I used AI to create this clone of me. Then interviewed my clone on my new book, Forgiving Humanity.

Forgiving Humanity - How the Most Innovative Species Became the Most Dangerous

New book exploring the inevitability of exponential change and the stress it places on us, society and the planet.

The History of the Global Brain - 1982-2022

The origins of the ideas behind The Global Brain, and where it has got to today.

What is NonDuality? - Video

Two senses of NonDuality: The absolute and the relative. Both have value, and both can become mere concepts.

Transcendental Meditation and Mindfulness - Video

Do I still practice TM? How does it differ from mindfulness? What are the practices i teach today?

The Blossoming of Consciousness - Video

Spiritual awakening is growing exponentially, Where will this lead?

Five Tips to Make Meditation Easy and Enjoyable - Video

Five questions that beginning meditators often ask, with tips on making meditation both easier and more enjoyable..

Taking the Tension out of Attention - Video

Learning to relax our attention is one of the simplest and most effective ways of returning to Being.

Letting Go of Ego - Video

Rather than seeing letting go of ego as some future goal we should strive to achieve, we can practice letting go of ego in our daily life.

Mindfulness of Being - Video

First talk of the Mindfulness of Being series, with meditation and Q/A.

A nondual interpretation of Buddha's Four Noble Truths - Video

The conventional interpretation of Buddha's Four Noble Truths is of practices that will eventually lead to liberation. NonDualism says that liberation is available here and now when we completely let go of egoic thinking.

Rest in Natural Great Peace - Video

Exploring deeper implications of lines "Rest in Natural Great Peace..."

Mindfulness of Being

Online Group: Reflections of Consciousness and Meditation. Sign up for announcements on dates etc.

Concentrating the Mind

We usually think of “concentrating the mind” as focusing our attention on some experience. While this approach can be useful at times, I find another interpretation of concentration equally valuable.

What Is and Is Not our True Nature - Video

Animation of section of podcast focusing more on what is not our true nature - the ego-mind. What it is, Where it comes from. And the roles it plays, both to our advantage and our detriment.

From Doing to Being

Beneath all my "doing" is the implicit assumption that I wouldn’t feel good doing nothing. But when I do pause, and do nothing for a moment, I usually notice more ease not less.

The Dance of the Planets

For the last thirty years I've been journaling the planets as a dance across the sky. Here's what to look for in 2021.

What do I know? - Video

Update on Peter's approach. Ways to step back from the individual self to our true nature, the value of that in facing the challenges in life, and the essence of prayer.

The Divine Spark - Video

The divine spark is that ever-present sense of "I am." We do not need to do anything to connect with it, only remove the blocks to its presence.

The Exponential Explosion - Video

The future is coming faster and faster. As well as the many advances this will bring, it also places stress on the underlying systems - personal, social, planetary.

Anchored in the Ground of Being

Now, more than ever, we need to prepare inwardly for the changes to come.

What If There Were No Future?

A shorter version of The Evolutionary Explosion (below), focusing more on the central argument.

Waiting Is - Video

Waiting is not easy, often a bore. But simply waiting—not waiting for any event to happening—can be an enlightening experience.

Remembering Ram Dass

Ram Dass has passed away. So sad to see such a light go. And so grateful for all he gave the world.

Loving Love

Love is not something we find. It is our natural state of being. We need only remove the blocks to our awareness of its presence.

Consciousness, Non-Duality and Self

Recording of talk covering my latest thinking on consciousness, non-duality, Self and the nature of awakening.

The Sound of Silence

The "unstruck sound" noticed in deep meditation.

The Exponential Explosion

The story of how we got here and where we are headed, showing how accelerating rates of development lead to a new paradigm of exponential time, and what the future looks like from this perspective.

Effortless Being

As we come to rest effortlessly in our own Being, we taste how it feels to be free from worry, anticipation and planning.

Just Pause - Video

I've found this simple practice to have profound effects. It is the quickest way I know to step back from thinking and return to the present moment.

Rediscovering the Timeless Wisdom

Seeing through the cultural trappings of the world's spiritual traditions, to what lies at their heart. Video

Loving Yourself

Loving ourselves in the deepest possible way - loving our essential being. Video

Rest in Natural Great Peace

How are minds get exhausted and the antidote of resting in the great peace of the natural mind.

Just Pause

Just pause thinking for a moment. Let your attention relax, and notice how it feels to rest in the moment.

All You Need is Love

On the fiftieth anniversary of The Summer of Love, Peter Russell recounts the social shifts of the time, and the growing interest in spirituality and consciousness leading to the present day.

Fundamentals of Being - Part Two

Video of second half of talk given at Sivananda Ashram. The two talks offer a comprehensive view of my approach to spiritual awakening.

Fundamentals of Being - Part One

Video of talk at Sivananda Ashram on my approach to meditation with lots of background information on our fundamental motivation and belief.

Stephen Hawking - We always knew when he was coming to dinner.

Personal reflections on the late Stephen Hawking.

Effortless Being: All You Need is Love.

Video of talk at SAND Conf, Italy, 2017. Our collective journey of awakening over the last fifty years, coming back to Love.

My First Computer

My ealrly work with first, second and third generation digital computers, and the now extinct analog computer.

Get Real Ray

A Critique of Kurzweil's recent predictions. Bringing global realism to lofty forecasts of the future.


Excerpt from a video interview, focusing on kindness and the golden rule - treat others as you would like to be treated. Downloadable mp3 also available. There's a new essay on the subject too: Kindness

Sat Chit Ananda

The root meaning of "sat chit ananda" and its description of the true Self.

Our Blind Spot on Accelerating Change

Short animated video on how accelerating development is incompatible with a long-term future.

What is Real?

Converted video to mp4 so playable on phones, pads, etc.

Ripples of Knowing

Essay exploring how everything we think, experience and know is a modulation of our field of knowing.

The Dance of the Planets

Updated page on the night sky to show which planets will be visible through 2017.

NonDuality and the Mystery of Consciousness - video

What is non-duality? The distinction between the philosophy and the practice? What do we mean by consciousness? What do we mean by "I"? How to let go into our true essence. (20 mins)

Synchronicity and the 'Support of Nature'

By meditating and transcending the ego-mind, we are supporting nature in the most fundamental way possible. And nature returns the favor by supporting us, i.e. through synchronicities..

Psychedelics and Non-Duality - video

Opening talk from Conference on Psychedelics and Non-Duality, London, 2016. What is non-duality? What is the essence of mysticism. Can psychedelics lead to true mystical experiences?

Loss and Revival of the Timeless Wisdom.

We are in the midst of an unprecedented spiritual renaissance, rediscovering in contemporary terms the timeless wisdom of the ages. (Preface for Rupert Spira book.)


Beneath everything we do is the search for greater happiness. But our seeking happiness in the world around can veil the contentment of our natural state of mind.

Consciousness does not identify with anything.

Consciousness does not identify with anything. What is actually happening is that the attention becomes absorbed in the thought system of the ego.

There's no such thing as self.

The emphasis is on "thing". We all experience a sense of personal self, and we also know a sense of I-ness that is always present, that which knows this experience right now. But neither of these senses of self is a thing—an object we can identify and go find.

The Emergence of Self-Awareness: The Mirror Test

A common test for self-awareness in an animal is whether it recognizes itself in a mirror. But animals who fail may still have a rudimentary "not-other" awareness—a precursor to full self-awareness.

A Conscious Cosmos

A new, short, animated video summarizing why consciousness may be fundamental to the cosmos.

Evolution's End

Video. We are a magnificent flowering of consciousness, but the side effects of its rapid evolution mean that it only has a short window of time to complete our evolutionary journey.

The Primacy of Consciousness

Opening presentation at Science and NonDuality Conference, Oct 2015, exploring the nature of consciousness, and challenges science has accounting for it.

Self Awareness

A new talk, covering several topics I have not spoken on publicly before, given at International Forum on Consciousness, Madison, WI

The Paradox of Free Will

Its resolution in two complementary states of consciousness - self and no-self.

Usury—The Root of All Evil?

Why the charging of interest has been banned by most religions, and how it lies behind many of the world's problems. Particularly relevant in today's financial meltdown.

The Evolution of Consciousness

Video of recent talk that covers much of my current thinking on consciousness - and is probably best talk I have given for a while (even though I say so myself).

Three-Minute Meditation

New recording of this popular audio.

A Contemporary Lord's Prayer

With a non-dual flavor.

The Reality of Consciousness - essay

A more detailed text version of the talk, concluding that the cosmos is an aware field of being aware of itself, and creating a representation of itself that appears in awareness as material reality.

The Reality of Consciousness - video

Video of my presentation at the 2014 Science and NonDuality Conference. A good update to my popular video The Pimacy of Consciousness.


Short video of Peter Russell and Ram Dass discussing love.

Returning to Natural Mind

In the final analysis, the hope of every person is simply peace of mind. Why then, are we so seldom at peace? Our natural state of mind is already one of ease and contentment. We do not need to go anywhere or do anything to be at peace.


There are many ways in which we are one - from our common origins and common destiny, to our interconnectedness, our intrinsic needs and motivations, our fundamental essence, the universal "I", and the consciousness of the cosmos. Video and audio.

The Arising and Dissolving of Ego

How ego arises from natural mind and how to dissolve it by opening to its felt sense. (From 2012 meditation retreat, Into the Stillness)


Short talk and meditation on the real nature of forgiveness

Eckhart Tolle and Peter Russell on Meditation

New video of Eckhart and Peter discussing meditation and how to let go of any resistance or expectation.

100 Most Spiritually Influential Living People

I was dumbfounded to find myself listed number 21 amongst the new Watkins list of the "100 Most Spiritually Influential Living People"

A Speck in Infinity: Journey Deep into the Cosmos

A short video (5 mins) that takes you on a stunning visual journey from the night sky out through the Milky Way into the sea of galaxies that lie beyond.

Samsara and Nirvana and Letting Go

Two excerpts from video shot at Burning Man, 2010 .

Does Our Brain Really Create Consciousness?

My first blog for the Huffington Post, which received considerable praise and attention.

The Easiest of Times: The Hardest of Times

Contrasting Buddha's time with ours. We have it easy and difficult in opposite ways.

Seek and Ye Shall Not Find

"Seek and Ye Shall Find!" In daily life this may be true; but when it comes to finding our own inner essence, the opposite is true.

The Path of No Path

The paradox that occurs with some non-dual teachings of there being nowhere to get to; you are already there. But how to realize you are already here?

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