The Moment in Time

We are living through the most exciting, challenging and most critical time in human history. Never before has so much been possible; and never before has so much been at stake

Around us we see crisis of all kinds - environmental crises, social crises, economic crises, international crises. We also see that the roots of these crisis lie with us - our materialism, our yearning for power, our love of money, our fear of each other.

But why? This is the question that we must ask ourselves. Why have we become so attached to material things? Why do we feel we need to be in control of our lives? Why do we love money more than we love most of our brothers and sisters on this planet?

How is it that a species that can think about the intricacies of sub-atomic space, look back in deep time to the possible origins of the universe, understand the processes underlying life itself, live beneath the seas, stand on the moon, and create almost anything it desires, is not able to ensure the happiness of every one of its members?

Why do we fear so much? Why are we not at peace? Why are we so caught up in the past and future we miss present moment? These are the questions we must ask.

Our global crisis is, at its root, a crisis of consciousness; and until we tend to the root of our problems the crises around us will continue to proliferate and deepen.


The Moment in Eternity

Now is nothing,

an infinitesimal membrane of time

through which the future passes into the past.

Yet now is the only moment we know.

But to be in that moment,

to have our attention be here, now;

not caught up in the past or the future,

not caught up in worry or concern,

to be at peace with what is,

to know that still center about which time turns,

Ah, that is our challenge.

So hard,

because we are so easily lost in thought.

So easy,

because it is right here, all there really is.

All we need to do is

notice what is

notice what it feels like to be in a body,

the air against the skin,

the sounds around.

Not to label them

and start another train of not-now

Simply experience the sensations, as they are.


The Art of Letting Go

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