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Past Presentations


The Art of Letting Go
International Conference on Science and Consciousness, 2006

The Freedom to Be Free
St Joan of Arc Church, Minneapolis, 2003

The Awakening of Consciousness
International Conference on Science and Consciousness, 2006

From Science to God
Sierra Center for Postiive Living, Oct, 2007

The Primacy of Consciousness
Conference on Science and Non Duality, 2010

The Great Awakening
Ecovillages Conference, Findhorn, Scotland, 1995

The Evolution of Consciousness
NE Tarrant Unity Church, TX, 1992

Science and Spirituality
World Goodwill Forum, London, 1997

The Redemption of the Executive
From Organization to Organism, Findhorn Scotland, 1987

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Who's Kidding Whom?
Is Sustainable Development Compatible with Western Civilization?
The World Business Academy, Dallas

Science, Consciousness (and dare I say it?) God
International Conference on Science and Consciousness, Albuquerque

Psychological Roots of the Environmental Crisis
Closing Symposium of European Year of the Environment, Luxembourg

Ethics for a New Era
Ninth Fukushima International Seminar, Japan

My Spiritual Journey
Alternatives, St. James"s Church, London

The Awakening Society - A Look At Values And Needs
Pandata "Professionalism 2000" Conference, Paris

Waking Up in Time
The Sustainability Forum, Zurich

Individual Responsibility - A Spiritual Perspective
Is The Future My Responsibility?, Ireland


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