God as Essence

The essence of all experience is consciousness.

It is the common element of all experience.
It is the one undoubtable fact of all life.
It is that within which all our experience is constructed.
It is the essence and substance of everything we know.
It is the ultimate reality.

This essence is the essence of everyone, whatever their race, age, gender, background, rich or poor; whatever their time.

Whatever they think, experience or believe, they are all conscious beings like myself, and thus share the same inner essence.

This essence is the essence of all sentient beings whatever their body, senses or nervous systems, whatever their perception of the world.

Where we differ from other creatures is not in consciousness itself, but in the picture that is painted in our consciousness.

Human beings are privileged in that they have the potential to become aware of this inner essence, to know God in this sense.

This essence I choose to call God.