ISBN: 978-1-57983-020-5

Waking Up in Time

Finding Inner peace in Times of Accelerating Change

Tenth Anniversary Edition
With Foreword by Ervin Laszlo and new Introduction by Peter Russell.

In this thoroughly rewritten edition of his classic work, The White Hole in Time, Peter Russell calls for a spiritual renaissance in the face of the dangers of ever-accelerating change. Here is an extraordinary vision for the new millennium, one that integrates the evolving nature of civilization with our timeless quest for harmony and inner peace.

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“A wonderful book, masterfully balancing ecological doom with spiritual renaissance.”

Ken Wilber author of Sex, Ecology and Spirituality

“A luminous, beautiful, and wise book. Practical metaphysics--based on deep scientific understanding, and from a world-class management consultant.”

Hazel Henderson author of Paradigms of Progress

“Absolutely brilliant. Like Marx and Freud, but with more wisdom than either of them.”

Robert Anton Wilson author of The Illuminati Trilogy

“A celebration of the emerging Humanity, sung from the heart of a principal spokesman of the emerging science.”

Gary Zukav author of The Dancing Wu Li Masters

“Brings the message we need to wake up in time . . . from one of the most evolved minds of our time.”

Ervin Laszlo author of Third Millennium

“Peter Russell 's ideas are music to my ears. A physicist who meditates. Peter has made the journey 'Out and In'. He adds quality to the quantity..”

Mike Pinder founder of The Moody Blues

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