Loving Love

We love love. It's one of our most basic needs, and one we'll go great lengths to meet.

But love is not something we find. It is our natural state of being. We need only remove the blocks to our awareness of its presence.

That block is the ego-mind, which sees the world through the lens of fear, scarcity, control, and judgment—veiling our true nature.

When we meet someone who helps us feel safe and secure, allowing the ego-mind to let go, the love reappears.

We think we've fallen in love with them. More accurately, with them we fall back into love..

We don't need to wait for another to provide this opportunity (wonderful as that may be). When we sit quietly and let the thinking mind relax, we reconnect with our own Being and with the essence of love—that simple allowing things to be as they are.

There, we can love love itself.

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