Passing Thoughts

"Passing Thoughts" is a quadruple entendre.

First there is the everyday meaning of thoughts that came to mind while relaxing on a plane journey, or chatting over a drink; ideas that were just "passing thoughts".

But second, these were not thoughts I had set out to explore; they were thoughts that passed through me. We say "An idea occurred to me". There is no doing involved in having an insight. We do not make them happen. Since I have not made them happen, I can claim no personal credit for them. All I have done is take the seeds which came and shaped them into the forms which seem best to convey their essence.

Third, there is a common thread linking these various thoughts. They are each concerned with the higher Self, with the qualities that lie behind our everyday experience. They are each about our inner truths, about stepping beyond our beliefs and thoughts to come to that self-knowledge that "passeth all understanding". They are about passing beyond all thoughts and knowing the underlying reality of our own existence.

And fourth, as all things shall pass, so shall these thoughts. None of them are absolute truth -- that lies beyond words. They are merely ideas of the moment, based on my current limited perception. With time they will pass away.

Some of the ideas may well have been expressed by others, and more succinctly and poetically. If so, I feel encouraged. The inner truths are universal and bloom through us all. And, like a rose flowering through the summer, some flowers blossom while others of us are still budding.

So, I pass these thoughts on, trusting they will resonate with your inner knowing, inspiring more thoughts, which in turn may inspire others. For the more we allow our inner souls to speak their truths to each other, the more do we tap and release the wisdom the world so badly needs.

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