Consciousness, Non-Duality and the Self

This talk was recorded at a friend's house, so it is not studio quality. Nevertheless, since it covers my latest thinking on consciousness, non-duality, the Self and the nature of awakening, I am making it available here trusting that you'll still find it valuable. (40 mins.)

Topics covered include:

  • Different meanings of consciousness.
  • Consciousness as essence of being aware, whatever the experience.
  • The original meaning of non-duality.
  • All we ever know are the phenomena appearing in consciousness.
  • The Self, the everpresent sense of I that is aware.
  • The ego, the body oriented idea of a personal self.
  • Letting go of the belief there is somewhere to get to, spiritually.
  • Spiritual awakening as awakening from the dream world of the ego-mind.
  • Love as the secret sensation of the Self.

Listen here, or download to play off-line.

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