The Global Brain: Sane or Insane

In all our euphoria over our burgeoning global interconnectivity, the one question we still have not addressed is how do we use this information net. Information on its own is without value; it is human beings who decide what should or should not be shared, what will be of most benefit to this global society of which we are part. If the values that guide our decisions are dominated by financial expediency or personal aggrandizement -- two values that do not care overly about the welfare of others -- then it is unlikely that they will be of the best benefit to the human race. Our global brain could well become insane.

Which way we move is up to us, the "neurons" of this global brain. Do we continue to see ourselves as separated individuals, each out for his or her own interests? Or can we see ourselves as part of greater whole, a humanity emerging into its full flowering. The choice is ours.

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