Leap! The Movie

Leap! — The Movie

Sadly, the movie itself is no longer available, but the clips below still are.

Is the world literally an Illusion or is it just your perception that is the illusion? If the world is an illusion what then?

Leap! is a film that explores the ageless idea that the world is an illusion. This idea may challenge your current beliefs and ideals, but then again Einstein did say "Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one."

This movie is not about denying our physical experience. Leap! takes you on a journey that offers you a powerful way to perceive yourself and the world. To leap beyond the illusion is to let go and live from inspiration—to leap beyond the constraints of your current perceived reality and what you think you know. Although the film is a bit long, and slow in parts, it contains many good points.

Featuring (among others) Peter Russell, Dan Millman, Joe Vitale, Fred Alan Wolf, James Twyman, Max Simon, and Puppetji.

Clips from Peter Russell's filming:
video icon  Nowhere to get to: Essence of non-duality (2 min)

Not included in movie:
video icon  Divine nature of the self: Essence of being (2 min)
video icon  From matter to mind: Getting to the root (2 min)

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