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NonDuality and the Science of Consciousness (63 mins)
Can nonduality and science be reconciled?

What is Ego? What is Consciousness? (33 mins)
First of nine podcasts with Angus Ford Robertson. 2022.
You can listen to the others at: Podcasts

What is NonDuality? (20 mins)
The everyday and the spiritual sense of the term. 2022.

Taking the Tension out of Attention (40 mins)
Learning to relax our attention is one of the most effective ways of returning to Being. 2022.

Buddha's Four Noble Truths (65 mins)
A nondual interpretation of Buddha′s Four Noble Truths and his 8-Fold Way. 2021.

Rest In Natural Great Peace (67 mins)
My latest thinking on these profound lines, 2021

Mindfulness of Being (32 mins)
Awareness of our true Self. That which is aware. 2021

What is and is not our true nature? (9 mins)
The ego-mind. What it is, Where it comes from. And the roles it plays, both to our advantage and our detriment. 2020

What Do I Know (43 mins)
Peter reflecting on his own journey, and the common core of the world′s spiritual traditions. 2020.

The Esponential Explosion (21 mins)
The future is coming faster and faster. Now more than ever we need to stay cool, calm, and collected. 2020

Waiting Is (2 mins)
Simply waiting— without wanting—can be an enlightening experience. 2020

Did Buddha Have It Easy? (4 mins)
These are both the hardest and the easiest times to awaken. 2019

Rediscovering the Timeless Wisdom (4 mins)
We are rediscovering in contemporary terms the timeless wisdom of the ages. 2019

Loving Your Self (3 mins)
Loving ourselves in the deepest possible way - loving our essential being. 2019

Just Pause (3 mins)
Short mediation exploring pausing thughts and noticing what is there.2019

Consciousness, Non-Duality and Self (40 mins)
Talk covering my latest thinking on consciousness, non-duality, Self and the nature of awakening., 2019

Rest in Natural Great Peace (25 mins)
How are minds get exhausted and the antidote of resting in the great peace of the natural mind. 2018

All You Need is Love (40 mins)
On the fiftieth anniversary of The Summer of Love, Peter Russell recounts the social shifts of the time, and the growing interest in spirituality and consciousness leading to the present day. 2017

Fundamentals of Being - Part One (50 mins)
Talk at Sivananda Ashram on my approach to meditation with lots of background information on our fundamental motivation and belief. 2016

Fundamentals of Being - Part Two (45 mins)
Continuation of above talk. The two talks offer a comprehensive view of my approach to spiritual awakening. 2016

Psychedelics and Non-Duality (30 mins)
What is non-duality? What is the essence of mysticism. Can psychedelics lead to true mystical experiences? 2016

Self Awareness (55 mins)
Covers several topics I have not spoken on publicly before, given at International Forum on Consciousness, Madison, WI. 2014

Oneness (55 mins)
From many perspectives - human, Gaia, interconnections, essence, consciousness.
Green Sangha Retreat, Novato CA, 2014

The Arising and Dissolving of Ego (25 mins)
Ego arising in response to threat. The felt sense of subpersonalities.
Meditation Retreat, Woodacre, CA, 2012

Ego as an Ally (7 mins)
The ego is there to help us. Seeing it as a friend not an enemy.
Workshop, Unity Annual Conference, 2013

Essence of Spirituality (63 mins)
The collective awakening of humanity to the true self.
Keynote, Unity Annual Conference, 2013

Natural Mind and Ego Mind (60 mins)
The Common Essence of Spiritual Teachings
Insight Meditation Community of Berkeley, 2013

Peter Russell and Eckhart Tolle on Meditation (5 mins)
Why meditation should be effortless, without resistance or expectation.
Eckhart Tolle TV, 2012

Short Pieces

A Conscious Cosmos (7 mins)
Soundtrack of video on why consciousness is essence of the Universe

What is Non-Duality (1 min)

Love: A Fundamental Quality of Consciousness (2 mins)

Falling Back Into Love (1 min)

Is the Universe Teeming with Life? (6 mins)
The evolution of consciousness beyond humans to ETs.

Why do Whales Sing? (5 mins)
Interspecies communication through the universal medium of song.

You are your own best guru (1 min)
From Science and Consciousness Conf, 2006

Who Am I? (6 Min)
Exploring the perennial mystical question.

How To Be More Present (3 Min)
Practical steps for returning to Now.

What Do You Want? (6 mins)
Cool audio mix.

Archived Complete Talks

Natural Mind and Ego Mind (60 mins)
The Common Essence of Spiritual Teachings
Insight Meditation Community of Berkeley, 2013

The Guru Within (50 mins)
Accessing inner wisdom in service of awakening
Sivananda Ashram, Nassau, 2012

Touching Essence (25 mins)
Letting go of the obstacles to knowing our true nature.
Unity at Davis, 2011

The Primacy of Consciousness (40 mins)
Why the ultimate nature of the cosmos is mind not matter.
Science and NonDuality Conference, 2010

From Science to God (30 mins)
New perspectives on nature of consciousness and enlightenment.
Sierra center for Positive Living, 2007

The Return of Natural Mind (61 mins)
The fully relaxed, unconditoned, mind that comes with fully letting go.
Conference on Science and Consciousness, 2008

What is Consciousness? (41 mins)
From scientific dilemmas to mystical experience.
Institute of Noetic Sciences

The Freedom To Be Free (18 mins)
Cultivating inner freedom - relief from fear, judgment, worry.
St Joan of Arc Church, Minneapolis, Nov 2003

The Awakening of Consciousness (56 mins)
The goal of our evolutionary journey; waking to wakefullness itself.
Conference on Science and Consciousness, 2006

2012: Temporal Epicenter of a Cultural Earthquake (5 mins)
The date as a symbol for the times we have already entered.
The Mystery of 2012 Conference, Omega Institute, Sept 2008

2012: Complete Talk: (1hr 33mins)
The historical trends leading to this point, and where they are leading.
The Mystery of 2012 Conference, Omega Institute, Sept 2008

Recordings from workhsops
The Purpose of Life and the Universal Quest (19 min)

Buddha, Dukkha and the Journey to Now (7 mins)

The Acceleration of Awakening: From Acid to Advaita (20 min)

Ayahuasca: Is It Really an Entheogen? (8 mins)

NonDual Vipassana (35 mins)

Forgiveness (15 mins)
True Meaning of Forgiveness

Three-Minute Meditation
Basic instructions on mindfulness, with silent time at end.

Dealing with thoughts in meditation (2 mins)

Noise no barrier to meditation (2 mins)

Art of Letting Go—Introduction (5 mins)
from CD
The universal call to let go, and why it is important.

Art of Letting Go—Meditation (10 mins)
from CD
Being present to experience in the moment.

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