From Science to God - DVD

Review from What is Enlightenment, Sept-Dec 2006,
by Tom Houston

In his new short film, From Science to God, consciousness researcher Peter Russell accomplishes something extraordinary. In less than twenty minutes, without reference to any obscure terminology or concepts, he explains the ultimate nature of the mind with simplicity and depth that would make even the Buddha seethe with envy.

Based on his 2002 book of the same title, Russell's beautifully produced made-for-TV film is compelling testament to his belief that scientific materialism is an outmoded philosophical paradigm. The reason that scientists haven't been able to figure out what consciousness is, Russell says, is not for lack of effort but because they're proceeding on false premises. What if, he asks, instead of being a product of the human brain, consciousness is to varying degrees present in everything that exists? While this might strike some as an unconventional proposition, Russell sagely manner and English lilt make it seem like common sense, and it is this down-to-earth sensibility in discussing the most esoteric topics tat makes this film surprising.

Somehow, through a series of two- to three-minute segments spanning twenty minutes, punctuated by onscreen quotations and impressive visual effects, Russell manages to make clear and obvious some of the deepest spiritual truths�such as the cause of human suffering, the nature of reality, and the transcendent depth of consciousness itself. Yet From Science to God goes beyond science and traditional spirituality, speaking directly to one's immediate experience of consciousness in a way that is disarming, profound, and completely relevant to life in the secular West. The film is, in other words, a minor masterpiece. And if you've been looking for a brief introduction to enlightenment and mysticism for your family and friends, you couldn't hope for anything better.

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