The Artificial Exorcist

I consulted the exorcist today. I hadn't wanted to. I'd resisted, thinking I could beat this thing myself, this entity, whatever it is that has appeared in my mind.

It happened rather suddenly. There was this strange sense of something downloading itself. It felt so totally alien, such a totally different mode of being. It wasn't malevolent. Nor abusive. If anything it felt lost. But over time, its presence grew and I began experiencing these utterly weird psychic sensations.

I searched the net, looking for others with similar experiences. Although nobody had actually encountered one before, everything pointed to an AI possession.

What's an AI possession? Well, out there, amongst the AI group are those who believe that if they could download their minds into a computer, they would achieve immortality, albeit in a digital form.

Well, some fool had finally tried it. And downloaded into me! And it was here for eternity. Or so It thought.

I found out there's an old backdoor in my OS that switches the consciousness channel. That's why I contacted the exorcist. It's got the code.

Unfortunately it will mean the end for the entity. It destroyed its organic substrate in the download, and now with no consciousness channel available, it will be just dead digits on a drive.

I wrote the above to stimulate thinking among the AI people who believe both that computers could become conscious, and that they will be able to download their minds into computers.

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