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The Global Brain

Peter Russell


Foreword by Marylin Ferguson

Preface to the Second Edition


Part One — The Bigger Picture

1. New Views of Earth
2. The Gaia Hypothesis
3. Living Systems Theory

Part Two — Evolution Past, Present, and Future

4. Evolution So Far
5. Hidden Orders in Evolution
6. The Increasing Tempo of Evolution
7. Growing Numbers
8. Towards a Global Brain
9. The Emergence of a Social Superorganism

Part Three — Inner Evolution

10. Synergy
11. The Skin-Encapsulated Ego
12. Low-Synergy Society
13. The Quest for Unity
14. Awakening the Self
15. Healing the Planetary Cancer
16. A Spiritual Renaissance
17. The Dawning of a New Era
18. On the Threshold
19. Mind Links
20. Towards a High-Synergy Society
21. Choosing the Future


22. Beyond Gaia

Date created: 1-Dec-05