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This is a growing set of links to sites that complement the themes of this site. It is composed partly of sites I like, and also sites recommended by others.

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Most Relevant and Recommended Sites

  • Astronomy Picture of the Day. I keep this as the home page on my browser. Lots of fascinating Hubble telescope pictures and more.
  • Dharma Stream Talks by the top thirty contemporary Buddhist teachers. Listen to one of these each day and your life will change. (Needs Real Player or WinMedia Player)
  • Radiant Mind An eight month program drawn from Dzogchen, cultivating awareness of unconditioned mind. I've found it most valuable.
  • Awakening Into Awareness Good set of links.
  • Adyashanti One of the best contemporary teachers. See in particular True Meditation
  • Institute of Noetic Sciences
    One of the most respected centers for research on consciousness and human potential.
  • California Institute of Integral Studies
    One of best places on the planet for academic courses on consciousness
  • Ethical Markets
    Hazel Henderson's TV series reporting on new definitions of success, and financial lifestyles
  • Metanexus Forum on Religion and Science
    Conferences, forums, newsletters, academic sources
  • Access to Insight
    Readings in Theravadan Buddhism. Excellent source for the essential teachings of the Buddha
  • Non-Duality Salon
    Comprehensive site on various expressions of non-dual spiritual teachings
  • Erowid
    Most comprehensive site documenting complex relationship between humans and psychoactives
  • Brian Swimme and The Universe Story
    Brian Swimme's work on the evolutionary dynamics of the universe.
  • Awakening Earth
    Duane Elgin's site dedicated to research and learning that fosters a sustainable, compassionate, and creative future.
  • Elisabet Sahtouris
    Radical biologist, evolutionary theorist, and visionary
  • DeepSpirit
    Explorations of consciousness and cosmology from Christian de Quincey.
  • The Rainforest Information Center
    Conservation and deep ecology from John Seed
  • The Co-Intelligence Institute
    Tom Atlee's many writings and ideas on social and political change. Great stuff.
  • CommonWay
    Sharif Abdullah, a dedicated and compassionate man working with the less privileged and the oppressed.
  • New Dimensions Foundation
    For thirty years, New Dimensions Radio has been airing the best thinkers on mind, body and spirit.
  • Youth for Environmental Sanity
    Informing, inspiring and empowering young people to join forces for social justice and environmental sanity.
  • Richard Neville
    Erstwhile hippies will remember Richard Neville as one of the founders of OZ magazine in the sixties. His current comments on current affairs show he is still alive and kicking.
  • Yes!: A Journal of Positive Futures
    Combines analysis of key problems with actions people are taking to create more positive futures.
  • Foundation for Inner Peace
    Publisher of "A Course in MIracles" - contains background articles and information
  • The Hunger Site
    Go in click and feed people...sponsors pick up the tab.
  • Free Rice
    Another good way to donate rice to the world's hungry - by playing a fun vocabulary game
  • Thom Hartmann
    Important books by Thom Hartmann, about "waking up to personal and global transformation".
  • Awakening Technology
    Peter & Trudy Johnson-Lenz are truly pioneers in this field. They coined the term 'groupware' in 1978.
  • Journal of Consciousness Studies
    Dedicated to the multi-disciplinary study of consciousness and including the complete classified abstracts of the TUCSON conference.
  • Council on Spiritual Practices
    CSP is committed to working through peaceful and lawful means to study the spiritual effects of "entheogens" - psychoactive plants used in a religious context - and is drawing up a code of ethics for such work.
  • DreamTree
    The place to start for anyone interested in dream exploration. Many good links, and discussion groups.
  • A Network for Grateful Living
    A host of gratefulness practices, both on- and off-line.
  • The Ministry of Fun
    A great little site by my favorite minister of fun.

Over 300 more links - and sites recommended by others.

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