2012 - Temporal Epicenter of a Cultural Earthquake


2012 marks the end of the Mayan calendar's 5125-year cycle, leading many to prophecy this as a time of great change—for some the end of Western civilization, for others a time of transformation and renewal. Whatever may or may not happen in 2012, it is clear that we are living through a critical period of human history, and the need for a widespread shift in human thinking and values is becoming increasingly apparent. From this perspective, 2012 is a symbol of the times we are passing through. It represents the temporal epi-center of a cultural earthquake, whose reverberations are getting stronger day by day.

A Singularity in Time — Book Chapter

The 2012 Mindshift
Double CD

Meditations for Times of Accelerating Change

2012: Temporal Epicenter of a Cultural Earthquake
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2012 - A Symbol for Our TImes
Audio excerpted from The 2012 Mindshift CD
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