Wisdom in Essence - CD

Guided exercise using Hemi-Sync, to draw upon inner wisdom.

30 Mins. Cost: $16.95   ISBN: I1561025240


This CD features a combination of the Hemi-Sync technology of the Monroe Institute and a guided meditation by Peter Russell.

The CD starts by producing a state of deep relaxation. This is augmented by the Hemi-Sync sounds, which encourage an integration and quietening of the brain activity. Peter Russell then guides the listener beyond the everyday ego-mind—which often thinks it is knows what is best for us, but generally does not—to access the deeper wisdom of the pure self, our inner essence.

Listeners then consider an issue or situation upon which they would like deeper guidance, and are taken through a process which accesses new ways of perceiving themselves and their circumstances. This shift in perception is the essence of a change in consciousness.

The Hemi-Sync process was developed by Bob Monroe, during his explorations into out-of-body-experiences, in order to entrain brain activity from left and right hemisphers. Sounds of slightly different frequencies are played to the left and right ears through headphones, creating a binaural beat in the brain at a similar frequency to brain activity in various states.

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