The Brain Book: An Owner's Manual

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Price: $19.95   ISBN: 978-1-928586-12-8


The power and versatility of the human brain far surpasses that of any computer, indeed, it is the most complex and involved system on this planet. Yet no human being has ever come close to using its full potential.

In Part One of this handbook for brain users, Peter Russell sets out the brain's development and structure. In Part Two he examines its function and potential, discussing memory, imagery, mnemonics, the holographic theory of mind, reading and note-taking. Among the many intriguing features of the book is the rejection of the notion that our brain deteriorates after middle age.

The book introduces readers to Mind Maps using color, key words and organic structure, showing why they work and how to use them.


Part One - Development and Structure

  1. The Spearhead of Evolution
  2. The Brain's Development
  3. Ten Billion Neurons
  4. The Two Sides of the Brain
  5. The Ever-Adaptable Brain

Part Two - Function and Potential

  1. The Psychology of Memory
  2. Association and Organization in Memory
  3. Imagery and Its Relationship to Memory
  4. Mnemonics
  5. The Brain's Record of Experience
  6. The Holographic Theory of Mind
  7. Is Everything Remembered?
  8. Note Taking and Mind Maps
  9. Reading Faster
  10. Belief and Mind Sets
  11. Review

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