Science and Consciousness


The Reality of Consciousness
Excellent summary of my ideas
Science, Consciousness and God
Covers several key themes of this section
Does Our Brain Really Create Consciousness?
The"hard problem"of consciousness
The Paradox of Free Will
The complementary perspectives of self and no-self
Exploring Deep Mind
Towards a science of mind and spirituality
Alice in Quantum Land
A quantum's view of reality
The Primacy of Consciousness
Why mind is more fundamental than matter
Deep Mind
Beyond science; Behind spirit
A New Metaparadigm
The challenge to the scientific worldview
Consciousness and Reality
Mini-website on the nature of reality
The Illusion of Reality
How we create our experience of the world
The Mystery of Light
Light transcends space, time, and matter
The Bridge between science and religion
The Nature of Consciousness
Awareness as a universal quality
The Evolution of Consciousness
Where we've come from, where we are going
The Global Brain
Gaia, the Internet, and collective consciousness

Consciousness and Reality

From Science to God:
A Physicist's Journey into the Mystery of Consciousness

Covers many topics in this section (Full text online)


Mysterious Light
Condensed version

Also available as DVD


video icon The Reality of Consciousness Best summary.
video icon From Science to God (3 mins)
video icon The Primacy of Consciousness (10 mins)
video icon What... Is Real? (4 mins)
video icon The Evolution of Consciousness
video icon The Primacy of Consciousness - new version
video icon A Conscious Cosmos - animation

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Many of the videos above have the option to download the audio. Below are some additional audios from previous talks.
The Awakening of Consciousness (56 mins)
From scientific dilemmas to mystical experience. (41 mins)
New perspectives on consciousness (30 mins)

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Science, Consciousness, and God

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