Mind Map Software

iMindmap. Excellent software from Tony Buzan, the originator of mind maps. IPhone app available.

MindManager. Professional software. Site has some good examples.

MindManuals Supplier of mind mapping software for MindManager.

MindPlugs. Plug-in for Mind Manager that allows live calculating of mathematical formulas.

MindMapper. Mindmapping software for Windows, and Palm

SmartDraw. Business graphics software that includes mindmapping and other functions.

MindGenius. Integrated with Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Project Outlook.

ConceptDraw. OS X and Windows versions available, integrates with MS & CD PROJECT.

FreeMind. Free software. Java based, so platform independent.

NovaMind. Excellent mindmapping software for Mac and Windows XP and Vista.

MyMind. Simple but versatile free software for Mac OS X.

Mind-Pad. Object-orientated mindmapping software for Windows.

i2Brain. Java, versatile mindmapping software

Inspiration. Mac and WIndows. Educational packages for kids and students.

MindVisualizer. New, straightforward Windows software, with many good features.

Mind42. Free collaborative online mindmapping software.

Mindomo. Web-based mind mapping tool. Create and edit mind maps in your web browser.

WiseMapping. A neat Web 2.0 mind map tool for creating mind maps on line.

SmartDraw. Graphic software with mind mapping capabilities.

MiindView. Matchware mindmap software for Windows with Microsoft Office integration.

Constructive Recollection Philosophy Application. Allows use of different "sheets" as way of organizing notes.

Cayra. PC software that combines mindmaps, concept and topic maps.

MindMeister. An online mind mapping tool, with as many simultaneous users as you like.

Wisdomap. Online mind mapping that includes multi-media and text attachments.

Meadmap. Online hierarchical note-taking system

iMindQ. Online or stand-alone mind map with innovative visual qualities. Available for Ma, Windows, iOS, Android, and web. Worth a look.

Spinscape. Web-based app for collaborative mindmapping.

XMind. Open Source brainstorming and mindmap app. with good reviews. Well thought out

Milanote. Milanote allows you to combine text, images, video and more in a mindmap

MindMapPaper. Straightforward mindmap tool for windows.

SciPlore Mindmapping. Aimed at needs of researchers. Allows import of PDF bookmarks, and reference keys (eg BibTex)

MindDecider. Integration of mind maps with multiple criteria analysis (MCDA) to aid decision making and project management.

MindNode. For professional writers who have a Mac.

Lucid Chart. Mindmapping, flowcharts, and more.

ExamTIme. Free site for students and teachers with mindmap instructions.

One Model. Open Source, object-based model for organizing information. (Under development)

Breakdown Notes. Free online tool to make notes, mindmaps and diagrams.

Venngage Map Chart. Online mindmap creator with many easy-to-use templates

See also:
Mind-Mapping Search
MindMapPedia. Mind Maps on just about everything.
BiggerPlate. Mind Map library with over 1,400 examples and templates
MindMappping.com. Tips on mindmaps and their uses, including what to look for in choosing mindmap software.
5 Minute Outliner 2.0. Imports mindmaps to mobile phones as hierarchical text files.
Personal Brain. Not a true mind map, but good interactive visual software for dynamically displaying connections. Creately. Not a true mind mapping tool, but useful for flowcharts, collaborative diagraming.


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