The Wisdom of The Dolphin

Videos of 2005 swims with
video iconSpinner Dolphins
video iconPilot Whales

Slide Show of 2006 swim,
courtesy Lisa Denning

Swim with wild dolphins
in Hawaii

Dolphin Consciousness
participant's experience of dolphin swim workshop.

Dolphin Cathedral
Essay from new book, Sixty Seconds: One Moment Changes Everything.

I am sorry to say that the NOAA has now made it illegal to swim with wild dolphins in Hawaii. A good alternative is WildQuest in the Bahamas.

Dolphins are free spirits who display considerable care and intelligence in their interactions. They are models of how we could be in our own lives. dolphin swimHow can we free ourselves from the various factors that limit our consciousness, so that we can bring more of the dolphin's wisdom into our own lives?

In the mornings we go out on the ocean in our boat to swim with the dolphins. We usually encounter spinner dolphins in pods of between 30 and 200. Swimming with the dolphins, we can observe their life-style, and interact in various ways according to their mood. The water is crystal clear, aqua blue over white sand, with 100 feet visibility. The dolphins are accustomed to our groups and very open to human contact. We may also encounter spotted dolphins, bottlenose dolphins, pilot whales, and manta rays.

This workshop accomodates all swimming skills. The waters are calm, warm, and bouyant, and people with little swimming experience soon found themselves at ease in the water. Many derive great joy from lying on a float watching the dolphins around and beneath them. Experienced safety swimmers are always with us, helping novices be more at home in the water, and coaching the more accomplished with their underwater skills.

In the afternoons and evenings Peter will share what he has learnt from the dolphins over the years and lead some guided meditations. He will explore dolphin consciousness and what interspecies interactions tell us about the nature of mind -- both the mind of the dolphin, and our own minds -- and the implications for our personal awakening.

There will also be time each day to rest, and to enjoy the waters and other delights of this beautiful area.

Read some of Peter's own experiences swimming with dolphins.

Dolphin language as clues to detecting ET language.

I've been on many dolphin swims around the world, and can truly say this is the best opportunity to swim with wild dolphines that I have come across. That's why I come back year after year. ~ PK, Austria

A particpant's experience:

I hadn't realized how different swimming with dolphins in large pods would be from single dolphins. One day I experienced what I can only describe as dolphin sacred dance. Two hundred dolphins led us to one of their favorite spots - a deep bay. There they slowly spiralled down into the depths. The water was so clear, I could see 200 feet or so down. The dolphins stayed in tight formations and slowly disappeared from view. The ten minutes later, they reappeared. At first I thought I was seeing fish, then realized it was dolphins, way way down there. Slowly they drifted up to the surface, took some air, then still in tight formations, sank down again. This repeated many times. The sense of peace that came from whatever was going on was quite remarkable. It felt a holy encounter. My mind is full of images I cannot possibly describe - but which will stick forever.

dolphin swim

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