From Science to God - DVD

Reviewed by Christian de Quincey

We know it as our most intimate reality, yet it is the greatest mystery facing science-consciousness. In this 20-minute documentary, scientist, author, and filmmaker Peter Russell takes us on an informative and inspiring journey into the final frontier for science, the “hard problem&rdquo for philosophy, and the perennial mystery for spiritual seekers.

Using state-of-the art special effects, intriguing camera angles, and a relaxed personal presence, Russell's film illuminates the convergence of science, philosophy, and spirituality in a new way. He invites us to join him in the “spirit of now,&rdquo to actually experience consciousness, as well as helping us to think a little deeper about this pervasive mystery.

We learn why the relationship between mind and brain is not just a “hard problem&rdquo but is actually an impossible one—as long as science remains wedded to the metaphysical assumption of materialism. If the universe began with “dead&rdquo matter, it would have remained dead forever. Consciousness could never have evolved. Yet here we are, experiencing embodied beings! The only way to explain this is to shift our metaphysics and realize that the universe always “tingled with the spark of spirit.” Matter or energy itself is sentient through and through, all the way down. Our brains tingle with consciousness because the cells and chemistry of the nervous system—like everything else—possess their own sentience.

But this is not just a movie about radical theories of mind. It is also rich with pragmatic real-life applications. Russell reminds us in new ways about old spiritual insights. His bottom line: We will never penetrate the mystery of consciousness by trying to figure it out. Rather, we need to cultivate the practice of being the witness of the stream of thoughts, beliefs, and feelings that flit across the screen of the mind. We come to know consciousness not by thinking about it but by being it—by living it every moment.

Think of this DVD as Eckhart Tolle meets What the Bleep!?—the science and spirit of now. Watch it, and feel the mystery come alive.

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