Articles, Essays, Book Selections, Talks and Other Writings


Shifting Perspectives: Recent essays that reflect changing worldviews - personal and collective. [11]

Science and Consciousness: Essays on the problem science has with consciousness and some pathways through the challenge. [6]

Earth and Environment: Various pieces focusing primarily on the psychological (spiritual) challenges inherent in the global crisis.

Passing Thoughts: A collection of short pieces and musings I wrote in the eighties, which appeared in a small book of the same name (no longer available). [16]

The Weaver: A series of short essays on consciounsess that I wrote for an early (1995) web zine, The Weaver. [11]

Letting Go: Some early pieces on a theme that will soon be considerably expanded. [5]

Mind Maps: What they are, how to do them, advantages, uses and software. [5]

Talks. Transcripts of some lectures. [10]

The Global Brain Awakens. Selections. [7]
Waking Up In Time. Complete Text. [34]
From Science to God [10]
The Consciousness Revolution. Selections. [3]

Video Transcripts:
The Global Brain
The White Hole in Time
Consciousness: The Bridge Between Science and Spriit

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