Shifting Perspectives

A growing collection of short essays that encourage a different way of seeing some current issues and ideas.

Natural Mind
E F Schumacher once said, "We are now far too clever to be able to survive without wisdom." The question is, will humanity take the quantum leap in consciousness needed to create a resilient future?

Return to Natural Mind
New article, written as chapter for new book The View. Seeking a better state of mind... Getting lost in Samsara...The Clinging Mind... Letting Go...

Waiting Is
Instead of being seen as an inconvenience, waiting can become a profound spiritual practice, opening the mind to being.

Usury—The Root of All Evil?
Why the charging of interest has been banned by most religions, and how it lies behind many of the world's problems. Particularly relevant after the 2008 financial meltdown.

What is Wisdom?
Data—Information—Knowledge—Wisdom. But what is wisdom and how does it fit into this progression?

The Real Secret
If you liked the film The Secret then you probably will not enjoy this piece, which challenges some of its core assumptions.

Deep Mind - Beyond Science, Behind Spirit
Essay for Resurgence (UK) competition on Science and Spirituality, Conflicting or Complimentary, exploring mystical experience of pure consciousness from spiritual and scientific perspectives.

Free Energy? - No Thanks!
Would free energy from the quantum vacumm field really be such a good thing?

The Butterfly Effect - In Global Politics and Commerce
How tiny events in one person's brain have changed the course of history.

Letting Go of Doing
Letting go not of the action, but of the doing mode that our minds so easily get stuck in.

Looking Out Into the Night - Into the Heart of Our Galaxy
A 3-D visualization of the Milky Way as the spinning arms of our galaxy. And the chances there may be life out there forming a Galactic Brain.

The Dance of the Planets - The Story So Far
A never-ending, never repeating dance. A continually shifting pattern. Moving closer, passing, moving apart again. At times creating spectacular configurations.

How Astronomy Begat Astrology
How the two fields had a common origin back when the night sky was the most intriguing thing around.

Love in Action - Communicating with Care
We all want to be loved, yet so often we end up in various subtle forms of mutual attack. With "right speech" the vicious circle can be broken, giving each person what they truly want.

Consciousness - The Bridge Between Science and Spirit
Science and religion often seem poles apart–and in many ways they are. But the two can be reunited; and their meeting point is human consciousness.

Reality: The Grand Illusion. A collection of writings from an early draft of From Science to God, on science, consciousness and reality&mdashthe superparadigm and how it is "all in the mind".

The Roots of Atlantis
The sinking of Atlantis and the Great Flood were caused by the ending of the last Ice Age, and evidence is to be found all around the planet.

Manifesto for the Future - Part One
An unfinished piece that I began writing on Sept 10, 2001

Early Responses to 9/11
Comments from various people immediately following the events of Sept 11, 2001, many of which turned out to be remarkably prophetic.

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