Anchored in the Ground of Being

As many of you who've followed my thinking know, I've long been concerned with the unforeseen consequences of exponential growth, and the various crises it could lead to. And here we are in the middle of one - or rather the early days of one. We are witnessing an exponential escalation such that no one knows where we will be six months from now, or even one month from now.

Along with the various preparations and precautions we may be taking, we also need to look at how best to prepare ourselves inwardly as the winds of change ramp up into a storm of change.

Trees provide a good lesson. If a tree is to withstand a storm it must be flexible, able to bend with the winds. And it must have strong roots and be stably anchored in the ground.

The same is true for us. We've never been in this situation before, and have no past experience to go on. We'll need to be flexible. to let go of outdated thinking, habitual reactions and assumptions, find the inner freedom to see things with fresh eyes and respond creatively to the challenges that face us.

Second, like the trees, we will need greater inner stability. We need to be anchored in the ground of our own being, so that when the unexpected suddenly arrives, we can remain relatively cool, calm, and collected; not thrown into fear and panic.

Now, more than ever, our spiritual practice becomes important. We need to take time to step back from our worries and concerns and draw on the clarity and wisdom that lie in the stillness of our being. For me, having to stay home has had a hidden blessing in that I can be more in retreat mode, with less distractions, and from that has come a greater clarity of what is important.

A third factor that helps trees withstand a storm is being in a forest of trees. They soften the wind for each other. Strong community will be more important than ever; yet at a time when many of us can no longer meet in person. But we can still connect in other ways. I have been making video calls with friends and groups much more than I would have done otherwise, and actually found relationships deepening.

And a reminder to exercise and keep fit as much as you can.

Wishing you all well

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