Workshop Outline

Surrendering to Now
The Art and Science of Letting Go

Peter Russell

"Just let go," we're advised. "If only I could let go," others complain. The call goes back a long way, to the core of the world's spiritual traditions. Surrender, non-attachment, accepting the present, relinquishing ego, forgiveness—they all entail a letting go.

Holding on, they claim, limits perception, creates tension, veils our true nature, and lies at the root of much our suffering. Letting go, on the other hand, brings relief, ease, joy, and love.

But letting go seldom seems easy. That is because we usually approach letting go as something to do. We may know it is the opposite—an undoing—but that does not make it any easier.

In this workshop, Peter Russell will explore what leads us to hold on, how we become attached to our beliefs about what we need and how to get it. He will also share his latest thinking and practices on how to allow letting go to happen spontaneously.

Peter shows that the key is giving up all trying and effort. The mind in its natural relaxed state is already at ease. We do not need to do anything to find inner peace, we simply need to release the various thoughts that keep our minds busy and tense. The beauty of this approach is that nothing needs to be changed or eliminated. It is simply surrendering to the fullness of the present moment. Herein lies true freedom.

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