Don't have time to meditate?

I hear this often. People say I've no time to meditate. I'm already so busy. I've too many things to do, my day is already full. If anything I need more time—to take care of all that I already have to do. I can't afford to take time off to do nothing—which is what meditation seems to be about. How's that going to help me?

I've felt the same way at times. At times I feel I'm too busy, and don't have time to. And then in it's easy to skip meditation because other demands are more pressing. But when I do take time to pause and step back from the business of life, I find that I am less stressed, and more relaxed.

And that does help me. It often feels like I've had a weekend's rest in twenty minutes. I have more energy. My mind is clearer. I can put things in perspective, and make better decisions.

We may be leading busy lives, but our minds don't need to be busy all of the time. Meditation brings relief from the busy-ness of the thinking mind. It's really about allowing the thinking mind to relax and settle down. And as the mind becomes quieter, we feel more at ease inside. We're tasting what it is we've been really wanting, but without needing to do anything to get it.

When I do take time to meditate I find I return to my more active life refreshed, and better able to focus on my various tasks. My life is actually that much better for having stepped back from it all for a short while, and am glad to have fitted it in.

Which Meditation is Best?

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