Workshop Outline

A Science of Being
Exploring the Mystery of Consciousness

Peter Russell

"The next great frontier is not outer space, but inner space"

Drawing on his unique blend of physics, philosophy, and psychology, Peter Russell explores the nature of human consciousness. What is consciousness? Where does it come from? Is it a fundamental quality of the cosmos? Does consciousness create reality?

Western science has had remarkable success in describing material phenomena, yet encounters great difficulty when it comes to explaining the nature of consciousness. It has been the mystics and spiritual adepts who have looked most deeply into these questions, by directly examining their own experience.

These "inner scientists" have found that beneath our everyday consciousness, with its hopes, fears, plans and self-concerns, lies the natural mind, untarnished by the roles we play and the changing conditions of life. Here we feel at home, fully at ease, deeply content.

They assert that the path to opening to natural mind is simply to surrender, to let go. But how do we let go? It never seems easy.

Join Peter Russell as he leads participants through a journey of inner exploration, addressing questions such as:

  • What is consciousness? 
  • What is reality?
  • Can science and spirituality be reconciled?
  • How can we release our minds from fear, judgment, and attachment?
  • What does letting go entail?
  • How can we open to the wisdom and love that lie at the core of our being?
  • And who, or what, am I?

The workshop includes discussion, self-inquiry, and guided meditation. Peter emphasizes how meditation benefits from an attitude of complete effortlessness. As we allow our minds to relax fully, we can use our inner knowing to guide us towards the profound inner silence in which we discover for ourselves the realizations of the great seers.

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