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For thousands of years, spiritual traditions have taught meditation as a way to quiet the busy mind and reconnect with the inner self. Yet, when people first try to meditate, they often complain that their minds are too full of thoughts, or they cannot concentrate well enough. This has led to the popular misconception that meditation requires great discipline and years of practice.

Peter Russell, who has been teaching meditation for 40 years, has found that the key to successful meditation is complete effortlessness. The mind in its natural relaxed state is already at ease. Nothing needs to be done to find inner peace; we only have to stop doing the various things that keep our minds busy and tense. The beauty of this approach is that nothing needs to be changed or eliminated. It is simply surrendering to the fullness of the present moment.

In this workshop, we will:

  • Experience allowing our minds to fully relax and settle down into a state of profound ease.
  • Discover how something as simple as letting go of all effort and resistance can open us to the peace and joy for which we've always longed.
  • Practice using our inner knowing to guide us during meditation.
  • Learn how to free ourselves from the mindsets that create dissatisfaction and unnecessary suffering.
  • Explore how to integrate these approaches in our lives and find greater ease in daily activity.

The workshop includes guided meditations, talks, group discussions, and periods of silence and inner reflection. It is suitable for both beginners and experienced meditators.

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Some comments from participants:

What amazed me most was how simple and clear are the techniques that Peter teaches. Listening to his wisdom and experience, given so freely, easily and without ego or new age sensationalism, was a privilege. I would recommend Peter's meditation weekend as an unforgettable experience to anyone.

A.C. (Australia)

Working with Peter Russell allowed me the opportunity to more fully integrate all the previous work in expanding and uniting my spiritual being into this physical life. This period of stillness, rest and meditation allowed me to fully connect with the ever present being that is me.

M.K. (USA)

As many philosophers and sages over the centuries have proposed, all the guidance you will ever need is already within you. Peter Russell is a master when it comes to facilitating the experience of this truth. Always starting at where you are in the present moment, which may be the only possible access point to these inner realms of wisdom and freedom.

If you are sincerely longing to find out more about who you are and what is keeping you stuck time and again, you will find great treasures in spending time with Peter. I know I did.

P.K. (Austria)

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