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Returning to Natural Mind

Peter Russell

"Natural mind" is one of the many names given to the spiritually awakened mind. Some call it the unconditioned mind, others the state of presence. We have lost contact with this ground of our being because our attention easily gets caught up in our thoughts and feelings.

As human beings, we are self-aware, we know that we know. Yet most of us are not fully awake to the true nature of the self, or the nature of consciousness itself. We have gained vast knowledge of the world around us, but the nature of the knower, and of knowing itself, remain largely unknown.

This inner ignorance lies behind many of the crises we are now facing. More often than not our decisions are based on a derived sense of self and mistaken assumptions about what we really want and need. We have reached a point in human history where we need to fully awake to who and what we are, to regain our connection with "natural mind".

The great mystics and saints of human history are men and women who have transcended the thinking mind and found liberation in the natural mind that is the core of our being.


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