Why We Fall in Love with Beauty

Why We Fall in Love with Beauty

Beauty is to perception as love is to feeling.

Beauty is the heaven of perception. That deep aesthetic appreciation that stirs the soul.

And love is the heaven of feeling. That profound sense of connection that enthuses our being.

Both are reflections of our true nature. Qualities of our essence.

The perception of beauty resonates with the feeling of love. Our hearts open.

And bathed in love, we see beauty in the world.

So when we fall in love with beauty, we do just that. Touched by beauty, we fall back into love.

However… when we are asleep to what is happening, we believe that we have fallen in love with a person perceived as beautiful, rather than with the beauty we perceive in him or her. We may want to keep the person close so that we can continue to have this beauty in our lives, and continue to feel the love love. And that leads to all manner of troubles.

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