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The Primacy of Consciousness

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From Science to God

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video icon  Peter And Eckhart Tolle
Why meditation should be effortless, without resistance or expectation.(5 mins)
video icon  Love

Ram Dass and Peter Russell discuss love.(5 mins)
What is Real? Flash Movie video icon What ... do you want?
and why do you want it?
(4 mins)
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(55 mins) New!
Ego as an Ally
(7 mins) New!
The Arising and Dissolving of Ego
(25 mins)
Essence of Spirituality (63 mins)

Peter Russell & Eckhart Tolle on Meditation
(5 mins)
Touching Essence
(25 mins)
Falling Back Into Love
(1 min)
Art of Letting Go—Introduction
(5 mins)
Three-Minute Meditation
Essence of mindfulness.
Who Am I?
(6 min) The key enquiry.
What Do You Want?
(6 mins) Cool audio mix.
Is the Universe Teeming with Life?
(6 mins)
Why do Whales Sing?
(5 mins)
From Science to God
(30 mins) New perspectives.

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