The Bridge Between Science and Spirit

by Peter Russell

This video is no longer available. It has been replaced by the DVD, From Scence to God
Excerpts from the Consciousness video are still on-line and viewable with real player.

Based on the themes in From Science to God , this is a video of a talk given by Peter Russell at The Living Enrichment Center, Portland, Oregon in Feb 2001. This captivating journey of his life-long fascination with science and spirit is a testament to the changing views of consciousness. Identifying the environmental and social crisis facing our planet at this time as being a spiritual crisis, Peter Russell illustrates the possibility of a new worldview in which consciousness is fundamental to the cosmos.

Reflecting on the great mystics and spiritual teachers throughout human history, we come to see the very essence of our "I-ness" as sacred. He concludes by showing how, when the materialistic worldview of science is augmented by the mystics understanding of consciousness, the centuries-old split between science and spirit dissolves.

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Consciousness Video

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