Seeds of Awakening

A collection of short essays on the awakening of consciousness. Topics include the essence of spirituality, the search for happiness, meditation, letting go, the pure self, love, forgiveness, synchronicity, and the nature of consciousness.

Based on the author's personal journey and insights, they remind us that while the times we are living in bring unprecedented challenges, they also offer us unprecedented access to the world’s spiritual traditions. Today, we are collectively honing in on their essential teachings. As we do their timeless wisdom not only becomes increasingly clear; it gets simpler and simpler. And the path becomes easier and easier.

The book is short—a mere sixty pages—but, like many others, I know that in times of information overload I appreciate shorter books. The various short essays are seeds to be dropped into our consciousness, where they may germinate and grow to inspire our own journey of awakening. They resonate with our inner knowing, bringing us back to the present, and our true Self.


Rediscovering the Timeless Wisdom
The Easiest of Times: The Hardest of Times
Returning to Natural Mind
Effortless Meditation
Not Resisting Resistance
Waiting Is
The Parable of the Rope
Love Your True Self
The Self Does Not Identify with Anything
Praying to Self
The Support of Nature
Where Are You?
Ripples of Knowing

ISBN: 978-1-928586-13-5
This book is no longer available.

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