As I watched the World Trade Towers collapse this morning and as the shock works its way through my body, i am aware that people everywhere will be grappling with what this means. I encourage all of you to join me in being aware in these next days and weeks of this meaning making activity, knowing that how we understand this event governs how we will respond.

If people recoil into fear, vengeance and scapegoating we are in for Very dark times. Our conversations right now make a big difference in whether we as people, as a nation can grieve, search our souls, stay connected to all that is good in us. If not, if we as people and as a nation seek to relieve our pain through blame, then many, many people here who have challenged the status quo will be hurt and the conviction that we must live in a police state will not be far away.

Please join me in compassionate conversation with as many people as possible - not instructing others in how to respond but in listening and feeling together and discovering what our responses might be.

May we flood our streets with love rather than fear.

Thank you for listening.


Vicki Robin

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