Peter Russell
"The new frontier is not outer space, but inner space - the exploration and development of the human mind."

With degrees from the University of Cambridge, England, in theoretical physics (he was a student of Stephen Hawking), psychology, and computer science, Peter Russell brings a sharp, critical mind to contemporary affairs.

Twenty years ago, he pioneered the introduction of personal development skills to the corporate world, running highly acclaimed programs for clients such as IBM, Shell, Barclays Bank, and American Express.

Peter Russell has spent a lifetime researching the untapped potentials of the human mind, and is the author of seven books on self development and the crucial role it will play in our future.

The producer of two award-winning videos, Peter appears frequently on radio and television, and is a sought-after and respected speaker in the USA, Europe, and Japan.

"A fascinating vision of how the information revolution is changing human thinking. A much needed, optimistic perspective on the future."
Ted Turner, CNN

"I've a strong feeling Peter Russell's ideas will become mainstream in a few years time."
Anita Roddick, The Body Shop

"Peter Russell ws the motor behind our highly-acclaimed personal development course, The Forum. His way of working was most inspiring both for us and the audience. This program has had a significant long-term impact on participants.
Bram Bakker IBM Program Manager

"The real revolution in the information age is the ability to use our minds differently. Peter Russell will be your guide."
John Sculley, Former CEO, Apple Computers

"Clear . . . stimulating . . . effective. I highly commend Peter Russell to any group interested in the most important ideas of our day."
Joseph Kresse, Executive Director, Foundation for Global Unity

"Peter is a very timely voice reminding us that we ae living in the most extraordinary and challenging times in human history. I strongly recommend that if your group identifies itself as a 'spiritual community,' invite Peter Russell to speak."
Rev Linda Pendergrass, Unity of Austin, Texas

"Peter's spellbinding presentation held me transfixed for 75 minutes."
Bill Staples, publisher Edges magazine

"Peter Russell is one of a new breed of speakers who holds a steady focus on inner stability which declares itself not merely as 'do as I say' but rathr 'do as I do'."
Theresa O'Driscoll, Center for Creativity, Vancouver

"Peter Russell is a person who walks his talk. He lives what he says. he has a way of using language to describe in simple, humble ways the moving spirit of our times. it is refreshing to hear a person communicate major concepts in understandable terms."
Marjie Tomlinson, The Institute for Cultural Affairs, Chicago

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