Welcome to Peter Russell's Bot — an AI that responds to you, in your language, based on the collected writings, lectures, and teachings of Peter Russell.

*** If you have already registered, go directly to PeterBot ***

Otherwise, to begin using it:

When you visit PeterBot you may see a box with other bots you can access.
Select Peter Russell. Then click "Manage" and make it your Default Bot

Preferences (Three bars at top left). Here you can tell the bot about your interests and how you would like it to respond.

To ask a question, simply enter it in this field at the bottom of the page and click the arrow:
other boits you can access
You can ask follow-up questions and its answers will take into account the conversation so far.

Beneath the answer you will see links to the sources that the bot used for the answer.
There is a Public Link for sharing responses with others.
You’ll also see a link to generate ChatGPT4’s answer to the same question.

Previous chats are accessible via menu at top left
If you want to change topic, you will get more focussed results by starting a New Chat.

Please note this is experimental. The AI may, on occasions, give answers that don't reflect my views.
It can help focus the AI to ask your questions directly to "Peter".E.g. "What are Peter's...."

If you get inaccurate or irrelevant answers please let me know. It will help improve the bot.

With special thanks to the volunteers at ServiceSpace for making this possible.

Happy chatting!

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