Letting Go of Nothing

Relax Your Mind and Discover
the Wonder of Your True Nature

Just Pause


Just pause. Nothing else.

And notice your experience. Notice what is there. In this moment.

There will be various perceptions—sights, sounds, smells. Bodily sensations of one kind or another. Perhaps some feelings or a general mood. And most likely, along with these, some thoughts. Maybe some strong ones dominating your attention. Or some fainter ones in the background—some commentary, perhaps, about what is going on, or maybe some habitual concern.

When you notice you are thinking, choose to pause it. Just for a moment.

In choosing to pause, you’re not choosing to do something else, but choosing to simply stop following that thought. To withdraw your interest from it.

And then let the attention relax.

You may notice a sense of ease, a feeling of relief perhaps, a gentle happiness or joy, a sense of spaciousness and clarity, or some similar quality.

If so, savor it. Enjoy how it feels to just pause for a moment.

At times, you may notice subtler levels of thinking in the background—reflections on what you’re noticing perhaps, or other thoughts that have quietly wandered in.

Choose not to follow them either. Let them go for now.

Notice what it’s like to be free of them. Not caught up in “doing.”

Later, whenever it occurs to you, pause again.

And again . . .

But don’t let the practice of pausing become routine, looking for similar experiences, responding in the same way, or becoming a ritual that you “do.” For then the practice will lose its value and power.

Make each pause a fresh inquiry into the moment. Being curious as to what it feels like—as if it were the first time. Which it is. The first—and only—time you will savor this moment.

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