Swim with whales – Tahiti – Sept 2009

Come swim with humpback whales and their new calves in the pristine clear waters of Polynesia.

Each year, from July to October, South Pacific humpback whales come to this spot to give birth. September is the best month to be with them, when the new calves are old enough to venture close.

Each day, we will take boats out to the whales. Following their invitations, we slip gently into the water, move away from the boat and wait for them to join us. It is always their choice.

We will be swimming close to the gentle whales, floating quietly among them and their young, looking deeply into their eyes, receiving their wisdom. It is a profound experience available to the few people who have a spiritual connection to the dolphins and whales.

It is the opportunity of a lifetime in a very special place with beautiful sandy beaches and coral caves. Everyone will have a magnificent time.

Limited Space: Due to limited space on the boats, only 10 people can attend this seminar, and it is likely to fill quickly. So if you plan to come, book soon to avoid disappointment.

Accommodation: We will be a remote island about 300 miles from Tahiti, staying in a local Lodge — in spacious Tahitian bungalows. All rooms are double occupancy, there are no single rooms.

Cost: US $2995 per person for 7 days (6 nights).
(The Polynesian franc is high against the dollar, raising costs in this country.)

More info – http://www.peterussell.com/Dolphin/whales.php

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