Why We Fall in Love with Beauty

Beauty is to perception as love is to feeling.

Beauty is the heaven of perception. That deep aesthetic appreciation that stirs the soul.

And love is the heaven of feeling. That profound sense of connection that enthuses our being.

Both are reflections of our true nature. Qualities of our essence.

The perception of beauty resonates with the feeling of love. Our hearts open.

And bathed in love, we see beauty in the world.

So when we fall in love with beauty, we do just that. Touched by beauty, we fall back into love.

However… when we are asleep to what is happening, we believe that we have fallen in love with a person perceived as beautiful, rather than with the beauty we perceive in him or her. We may want to keep the person close so that we can continue to have this beauty in our lives, and continue to feel the love. And that leads to all manner of troubles.

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  1. The best perception of love I ever have had was “My” first oneness experience: “I” had just take away a lot of pain with a breath of love, all that love comes now back thru me. I was driving a bus and felt how consciousness took control over all the actions for a few seconds, everything melted together, specially the trees outside, the road, the steering wheel and my body, everything went one, a wonderful oneness that want to be shared – the loving consciousness “secrets”.

    The Primacy of Consciousness!!!

    Peace and Love

  2. It can all be different depending on how each of us define beauty or love.
    This could be all incorrect if the definition used is incorrect. The definition can be quite wrong as I can only perceive with my own limited tools.

    Definition used here by my limited perception
    beauty: perfect harmony
    fall in love : strong affection
    love: free and absolute connection
    (“love” and “falling in love” are ironically opposite. Assuming love is free, should not be fall( as falling is rather incident where no conscious choice made)

    Living beings pursue harmony, so that there is no more need for ‘change’.
    It could be an urge to secure something stable. We think something is beautiful when it is perfect and complete the way it is.

    I find beauty in perfect harmony, proportion etc. If there is no perfect harmony, it can’t stay that way, it moves towards perfect harmony to stay in.

    We pursue beauty, as beauty is a perfect harmony, and that beauty does need anything anymore and does not need to move to any direction. Poor people pursue wealth, insecure people pursue security .. so as to be in better harmony. People feels if it is not harmonious, it needs movement or change to be in better harmony.

    Women who feel they are not beautiful, move to direction where, they think, will make them more harmonious appearance by wearing makeups or getting plastic surgery. Person with big nose wants smaller nose for better harmony, etc.

    This is all built on misunderstanding of beauty, harmony. Everything exists is already in perfect harmony, so in other words, already beautiful. But why people still pursue? as they do not see the harmony in itself, they see the harmony in others and pursue that. One overly simplified example can be , a pine tree wants to be a maple tree as the pine tree see the beauty in the Maple tree, without seeing the perfect harmony in itself.

    Everything is in harmony as each of them exists. Falling in love with beauty is pursuing harmony so that everything can be still. As long as we feel no harmony we will move toward the direction where we think harmony exists. The purpose seems to be still after perfecting harmony.


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